Terms and Conditions

Defining Terms

The terms "site", "this site" used in this document refer to taxibucharest.eu.

By the terms "user", "visitor" and "you" we understand all individuals and / or legal entities accessing our site, for whatever reason.

The terms "Regulation", "Contract" and "Terms and Conditions" refer to this Agreement.

By the term "personal data", we understand the information we collect from you, on the basis of which you can be identified personally. These may include your name, address, phone number (including mobile number), CNP, alias, address e-mail, age, gender, and marital status, but may also include other information, such as shopping habits and preferences, and lifestyle details such as passions and interests.

The term "Company" means the owner and the site administrator of taxibucharest.eu (ADS Business Travel S.R.L)


Acceptance of "Terms and Conditions"

Before watching this site, please read carefully the following. They set forth the terms and conditions for your use of all the materials that make up this site. Accessing the site and using its applications implies the explicit or implicit acceptance of all published Terms and Conditions, with full contractual value.

The Company reserves the right to change the content of this contract at any time. In this situation, the Company will notify users by displaying the changes on a page that will appear when accessing the site. The continued use of the site by the user is an affirmative response to accepting changes to this user agreement.


Site content

The information published on the site is information of general interest about taxibucharest.eu, the products marketed by it, its partners, user opinions about the products and other information considered by the company to be of interest to the users. The Company reserves the right to complete and modify any information on the site.



The site taxibucharest.eu can host links to other sites or other resources. The responsibility for these sites is entirely owned by their owners. Therefore, the Company is not responsible for any loss or damage caused or suspected to be caused by the information provided by the sites or resources to which these links are sent.


Legal conditions

Taxibucharest.eu carries out its activity in accordance with all applicable legal provisions in Romania and operates according to all legal provisions of the Romanian State.



Any attempt to modify the content of the site taxibucharest.eu will be considered a fraud attempt and criminal investigation against the author of these facts will be opened.



Disputes arising between clients and taxibucharest.eu will be settled amicably through agreement between the two parties. If the conflict has not been solved in this way, the Romanian courts have jurisdiction.

More information can be found in the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

Updated: may 2018


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